You’re ready to take the leap and start your own business or you have a young business and are looking to take the next step – or maybe you are considering the entrepreneurial or startup track and are now in a corporate role. Learn about the gotchas and need-to-knows from seasoned entrepreneurs so you can avoid common setbacks. 

What are the big things you should be planning for? What do you need to take into consideration as you launch and begin to grow your business? How do you develop a clear message and branding, both for yourself and for your business? Find the answers to all of the above questions, and so many more in this track designed for the new entrepreneur.

If you are at the stage where you are looking for funding or are growing your business organically through customer acquisition and revenue, this is the track for you. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and investors and hear their experiences and advice. We will cover topics such as how to refine product-market fit, perfect your pitch, learn about the many ways to finance your business, scale you as a leader, scale your business, and more.

Hear stories of exits, pivots and challenges turned into opportunities and glean important wisdom from those who have been down this path before you. Together we are smarter.



What are all of the things that ensure your business runs smoothly? Taxes, marketing, PR, HR, and compliance can be easy to ignore but can take you down if you’re not keeping an eye on them. 

Learn how to best protect yourself and your business and essential skills on how to handle tough situations, how to develop a healthy team and culture, how to be a strong leader, and more, in this track for beginning and experienced entrepreneurs.

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Undivided Attention

Imagine having the undivided attention of a top VC, angel investor, or industry expert for 15 whole minutes! What would you ask them? How would you use that time? Get ready, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

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Pitch Showcase

5 founders will pitch their companies to a panel of investors and receive a prize pack worth over $10,000. Participants will have five minutes to pitch, have a marketplace page for their company, gain exposure, receive valuable feedback from our panel of experts.

Meet our founders and pitch judges

Yoga + Meditation

Yoga, meditation, and sessions on mindfulness will be offered throughout the day by a certified yoga instructor and life coach. Need a break or just a few quiet minutes to recenter? We’ve got you covered.

Sessions will be led by Viviana Gesyuk from Heart Source


Alternative Financing Strategies: Opportunities Beyond Traditional Venture Capital (Kate Brodock)

How to Increase Your Chances of Raising VC Capital (Pre-seed, Seed & Series A) (Suzanne Fletcher)

What Angel Investors, VC’s and Family Offices Look for in the Pitch Deck and Due Diligence (Xandra Laskowski)

Why Smart Women Are Crowdfunding (Kate Anderson)

The Impostor Breakthrough: From Anxiety to Resiliency (Kate Purmal)

Top 12 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Company (Hillary Sinclair)

LegalTech: Changing the Tides by Changing the Game (Debra Vernon)

Leveraging Assertive Insight to Ensure Your Business Thrives (Christy Nichols)

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Morning session: 8:30am-12pm

  • Keynotes: Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital with Jennifer Reitman, DAME Magazine; Dr. Dana Kanze, London Business School; and Terri Hanson Mead, Class Bravo Ventures
  • Morning sessions, panels, and working sessions
  • Office Hours with investors and ecosystem partners
  • Yoga and meditation sessions 
  • Female Founder Virtual Marketplace open

Lunch: 12pm – 1pm

  • Fireside chat with Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers, and Natasha Zena
  • Staffed booths at the Female Founder Virtual Marketplace

Afternoon session: 1pm – 4pm

  • Afternoon sessions, panels, and working sessions
  • Office Hours with investors and ecosystem partners
  • Yoga and meditation sessions 
  • Female Founder Virtual Marketplace open

Female Founder Pitch Showcase: 4pm – 5pm

  • Female Founder Virtual Marketplace open

Cocktail Reception & Entertainment: 5pm – 6pm

  • Keynote with Gillian Muessig, Sybilla Masters Fund and announcement of Pitch Showcase Winners
  • Keynote with Jackie Huba, drag queen (Lady Trinity) and author
  • Female Founder Virtual Marketplace open