Launching for Revenue: How to Launch Your Product, Service or Company for Maximum Growth


Signed by Jennifer LeBlanc

Did you know that 35-80% of launches fail? Whether you are a business executive, a startup founder or a nonprofit leader, you are always in the business of starting new things – and ensuring their success.

With this easy-to-read book by your side, you will learn how to ensure a revenue-generating launch with a step-by-step method that has helped companies, startups and nonprofits see $1.5B in new revenue and funding.

This proven method has everything you need to do your launch right:

Step-by-step instructions
Case studies
Examples of what to do – and what not to do
Self-assessment tools

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Launches fail for a variety of reasons and at a variety of times, sometimes shortly after launch, sometimes within the first year and sometimes even before launch happens.

On the other hand, the market clearly is full of new products, services and companies that are changing our lives in big and small ways. Some launches are successful despite the overwhelmingly negative odds.

So what makes the difference between failure and success? That is a question Jennifer S. LeBlanc has been obsessed with for more than two decades now.

After leading and participating in dozens upon dozens of launches, commissioning proprietary research about the launch process, and being a keen observer of both successful and failed launches, it became clear that the reasons for the high failure rate can be identified, isolated and studied. Once she realized this, she focused on getting this information to as many people as possible, hence the book.

Launching for Revenue is based on the ground-breaking ThinkResults Launch Readiness Assessment, designed by Jennifer S. LeBlanc. This Assessment isolates and identifies the top 10 most critical elements of a successful launch. This method reveals how ready a company is to launch, and also isolates the biggest areas of risk. As a result, companies can predict and course correct their launch plan to turn those statistics around and maximize their chances of a successful launch.

With this book as your guide, you will have a clear Launch Action Plan based on the 10 critical elements that can make or break your launch. Also included with the book is access to an online community, so you can learn from other professionals, share your stories, ask questions and get answers.


Praise for Launching For Revenue

Jennifer has cracked the code on removing risk from the launch process. She’s figured out what every company, product or service needs in order to be successful as they prepare to go to market. If you are the CEO of a company, or an investor in one, I highly recommend you read this book.

–Ege Ertem, General Partner, Zorlu Ventures


The concepts in this book are immediately applicable to any go to market initiative. They make the messy launch process organized, efficient and effective. As a result, I have structured our latest product launch team around the 10 Elements of Launch.

–Stacy H. English, Director of Marketing, Intel


The 10 Elements of Launch contained in this book gives marketers a step-by-step guide for how to bring something new to market – the right way. The concepts are clear, concise and immediately applicable.

–Jay Fulcher, chairman and CEO, Zenefits


When it comes time to launch, whether it’s a new product, a new company, or even something new inside a large company as an intrapreneur, this is the book to read!

–Linda Popky, Author of Marketing Above the Noise
President of Leverage2 Market Associates


Launching for Revenue is a clear and simple guide to the perplexing and chaotic period that is launch time. Do not go into those new and uncharted waters without this guide by your side.

–Anne Janzer, author of Subscription Marketing

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