Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders





  • Maha Ibrahim, Canaan Partners
  • Gillian Muessig, Sybilla Masters Fund
  • Terri (Hanson) Mead, Class Bravo Ventures
  • Xandra Laskowski, OSEA Angel Investors
  • Suzanne Fletcher, Stanford StartX Fund
  • Amy Belt Raimundo, Kaiser Permanente Ventures
  • Mukund Mohan, BuildDirect Technologies
  • Deb Kilpatrick, Evidation Health
  • Dorin Rosenshine, Outleads
  • Tammy Bowers, Lionheart Innovations
  • Robyn Ward, FounderForward
  • Jessica Livingston, Y Combinator
  • Kate Purmal, Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Institute
  • Debra Vernon, VLP Law Group


Praise for Changing Tides

“This book is a must read for all female entrepreneurs. As a previous corporate strategist and current founder and CEO of my own company, I live by the words “knowledge is power.” This book provides just that. Jenn does a beautiful job of providing transparency and clarity with the necessary how-to’s for navigating the waters ahead.”

— Maria Malavenda, Founder


“As an angel investor, I’ve focused on women-led companies because they have been historically underfunded yet have delivered abovemarket returns Changing Tides provides insight and inspiration for both female founders and the smart investors who invest in them.”

— Nancy Hayes, Angel Investor


“As one who works with female founders around the world, it’s refreshing to see how well this book illustrates the extent to which both opportunities and challenges are shared globally. Changing Tides goes beyond storytelling, catalyzing collaborative, innovative solutions towards meaningful progress for female founders, for women, for society.”

— Lucie Newcomb, Founder & CEO/CMO
The NewComm Global Group


“Numbers don’t lie. As an investor, I seek better returns. Changing Tides makes a clear and data-driven business case for investing in female founders. All investors should read this book.”

— Zeynep Urgun Zorlu, Global Investor
Zurgun Capital


Changing Tides is exactly what every female founder — and every investor — needs. It’s a rallying cry for all of us who support female founders. A peek into what the collective experience is, and what is needed to lift up and propel these founders and create better, more diverse offerings in this world.”

— Ari Horie, Founder
Women’s Startup Lab


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