Learn to Make a Honeyed Paloma

Join us June 15 (5 – 6:30 pm Pacific) for a very special Happy Hour with female founder, Julianne Richardson, of Driftwest Water Kefir. Julianne will be our resident mixologist as we learn to make a Honeyed Paloma (see below for the recipe). It can be made cocktail or mocktail style and you can watch Julianne make it or make your own at home to enjoy.

Julianne Richardson
Driftwest Water Kefir
@driftwestkefir (facebook and Instagram)

Julianne is a native Oregonian who began her career in the culinary world after attending Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, OR. After working at several favorite Portland restaurants, her discovery and love of water kefir in 2014 led to the inadvertent but exciting beginning of an entrepreneurial journey. 

After years of experimenting with unique and delicious flavor profiles, and a lot of learning about all things beverage manufacturing;  Julianne launched her line of dynamic, authentically fermented probiotic beverages in 2017. Driftwest is naturally probiotic, bubbly, and refreshing…on its own or in the company of your preferred spirits!

Honeyed Paloma Recipe


  • 1 T honey dissolved in 1 T boiling water to make a honey syrup or use San Pellegrino Grapefruit soda

  • 1½ oz Blanco Tequila of your choice **opt out for mocktail**

  • Driftwest Grapefruit-Tangerine (gentle swirl first!) **Spindrift Grapefruit or Topo Chico twist of grapefruit are both great options**

  • Sliced Grapefruit or lime for garnish


Use 1 T honey syrup total per glass **for a sweeter drink, skip the honey syrup and use San Pellegrino Grapefruit soda**

Measure and add tequila **opt out for mocktail**

Fill the glass with ice

Top with Grapefruit-Tangerine water kefir

Mix with 2-3 quick gentle stirs

Garnish with sliced grapefruit and/or lime