Virtual Happy Hour

Join us each Tuesday from 5PM – 6:30PM Pacific for some female founder community, connection and co-creation. We’ll share a “one breath” summary of our businesses and do an #ask of what we need to help our businesses through this rough period and what we can #offer the community.

Let’s change this tide together!

July 21 — Led by Saima Haq, founder of Parents Plus
July 28 — Led by Catharine Pritchard, founder of Catharine Pritchard Coaching
August 4 — Led by Morvareed Salehpour, Salehpour Legal Consulting
August 11 — Led by Jennifer LeBlanc, founder of Changing Tides Movement


Free to attend and open to all female founders and womxn entrepreneurs.

All participants must register via Evenbrite to ensure the security of our virtual calls.




Jing Zhu, Founder & CEO of Dashboard Story, Inc. (dba Duet)
Jing is the founder and CEO of Dashboard Story, Inc. (DBA “Duet”). Jing started building mobile products in 2008, and hasn’t stopped since. Jing founded Duet three years ago and has since led her team to develop a robust MaaS technology platform that both improves efficiency and synergizes the effort and investment of the different stakeholders. She also helped acquire the first group of fleet customers on the Duet platform. Prior to founding Duet, Jing built products and managed projects for 15 years for some of the most iconic companies in technology and healthcare, such as Intel and Abbott Labs. She has a B.S. degree from Peking University (China), a PhD from Cornell University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She was a board member of Cornell Alumni Association of Northern California for seven years.

Duet innovates logistics technologies to power the next-gen transportation services. Our integrated mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) technology platform uses sensor data, real-time capacity and route optimization, automatic dispatching, and beyond to improve the ridership experience and operational costs – while giving all communities access to services like never before. By partnering with professional fleet operators and service sponsors, we make transportation services more affordable, more accessible, and easier for everyone, everywhere.

Duet is the product brand and DBA name of Dashboard Story, Inc., a San Jose-based technology company.

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Saima Haq,  Founder of Parents Plus

Saima Haq is the Founder/Principal of Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) that provides special education, vocational training and advocacy. Over the last 2 decades Saima used educational expertise to be a catalyst for change in attitudes and acceptance for children with special needs. Saima has also served on several Educational Boards that created innovative solutions to ease the challenges of daily life for children with special needs and their families.

ParentsPlus is a needs-centric and real time platform especially designed for caregivers to organize and manage needs as well as build your trusted community of support in 3 simple steps.

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Morvareed Salehpour, Founder of Salehpour Legal Consulting

Morvareed Z. Salehpour is Managing Partner of Salehpour Legal Consulting, a law firm specializing in handling a diverse range of complex legal matters both in and outside the courtroom. She is experienced in negotiating a variety of contracts and legal agreements and handling cases from inception to trial and appeal. She has represented clients across the nation ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and works in a variety of industries, including technology, media and entertainment, and real estate among others. Ms. Salehpour is a graduate of UCLA and UCLA School of Law, where she also served as a Managing Editor for the UCLA Law Review. Ms. Salehpour previously practiced at BakerHostetler, a national firm where her work included being a member of the legal team seeking to recover the principal lost in the Madoff Ponzi scheme, and then at Strange & Butler, a complex litigation boutique. Ms. Salehpour is also President-Elect of the Santa Monica Bar Association, Board Member of the UCLA Westside Alumni Network, Board Member of the Rabbit Hole Network Women’s Blockchain Community, and a regular speaker and writer on tech, real estate, and business law issues.

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Jennifer LeBlanc, Founder of the Changing Tides Movement

Jennifer S. LeBlanc is the best-selling author of Launching for Revenue: How to Launch Your Product, Service or Company for Maximum Growth and Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders, and owns the publishing house, HAL House. She is the founder of the Changing Tides Movement, which was developed out of the pressing need for a collaborative community focused on the unique experiences of women founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Jennifer is known as a high-energy and inspiring keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for startup accelerators and corporate teams. In her private coaching work, Jennifer works with female founders, entrepreneurs, and change agents to provide them with the tools and connections they need to succeed. Jennifer has also acted as an advisor to President Obama, Congress and the SBA via the National Women’s Business Council. The Silicon Valley Business Journal honored Jennifer with its Silicon Valley Women of Influence Award in 2016 and she was shortlisted as Advocate of the Year by Women in IT Silicon Valley for her work with the Changing Tides Movement to support female founders and women entrepreneurs.

Jennifer is also the founder and CEO of Thinkresults, was ranked as the 10th Fastest Growing Private Company in Silicon Valley in 2017 and has been recognized as one of the top Silicon Valley agencies each year since 2013.

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Alexa Belonick, Partner at Morrison & Foerster

Join us on July 14th for the free virtual Changing Tides happy hour from 5-6:30 led by Alexa Belonick, a San Francisco-based partner and Shannon Sibold, a Silicon Valley-based associate, from the global law firm Morrison & Foerster. Alexa and Shannon will discuss how to avoid common governance mistakes by startup entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurs can position their startups for fundraising success.

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Alexa Belonick, Associate at Morrison & Foerster
Join us on July 14th for the free virtual Changing Tides happy hour from 5-6:30 led by Alexa Belonick, a San Francisco-based partner and Shannon Sibold, a Silicon Valley-based associate, from the global law firm Morrison & Foerster. Alexa and Shannon will discuss how to avoid common governance mistakes by startup entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurs can position their startups for fundraising success.

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Janie Schulman, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

Join us on June 30 for the free virtual Changing Tides happy hour from 5-6:30 p.m. led by Janie Schulman, a Los Angeles-based partner in the Employment + Labor practice of the global law firm Morrison & Foerster. Janie will discuss Independent Contractors in California after AB5: How to avoid misclassifying workers as independent contractors.

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Christine Lyon, Partner at Morrison & Foerster

Chris is a partner with MoFo’s Privacy + Data Security Group. She helps companies develop privacy and data protection strategies for new products and services, as well as for their own consumer and employee data, including developing practical approaches that leverage data while complying with evolving global privacy and data protection laws like GDPR and the CCPA. She works with companies ranging in size from small start-ups through large multinationals and spanning a range of industries, including technology service providers, hardware and software companies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and consumer product manufacturers.

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Jodi Lasky Jodi Lasky, Founder & CEO of The Pride

Jodi is a defense and homeland security contractor turned startup founder. She spent a lot of years collecting degrees (and debt) to never use them. Someone once described her as being “fundamentally unstable” – and meant it as a compliment. She’s never met a challenge she’s been afraid to take on. After taking a nap.

The Pride‘s mission is to end sexual harassment and assault, and we believe community is key to doing so. We enable users to discreetly reach out for help to their network or ours, and enable allies to step up to help de-escalate situations before anyone gets hurt. We’re starting with college communities and expanding from there.

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Stephanie Sharron, Partner at Morrison & Foerster

Join us on June 16th for the free virtual Changing Tides happy hour from 5-6:30pm led by Stephanie Sharron, a Silicon Valley-based partner in the Technology Transactions Group of the global law firm Morrison & Foerster. Stephanie will discuss IP-related common traps for the unwary and IP-related contract terms often considered toxic to investors and acquirers, with a particular focus on issues affecting tech-focused products and services.”

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Maria Tamellini, Co-Founder of GamerSafer

Maria Oliveira Tamellini is originally from Brazil and her first step into entrepreneurship was as a young mother. From selling sandwiches and second-hand clothes to support her young son, she went on to earn her MBA and led a social impact and sustainability consulting company for many years. She is an alumna of Goldman Sachs Foundation’s 10,000 Women Program, holds an international certification in social business and has advised a portfolio of eighty businesses across the world. At her new company GamerSafer, she is using her experience as an entrepreneur, a gamer and a parent to prevent sexual abuse, fraud and disruptive behaviors inside online games. Maria is a Board Member of Latinas In Tech, a mentor of many women entrepreneurs and an alumna of UC Berkeley Skydeck.

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Christy Nichols, Founder of Venture Within

Christy’s professional education expertise has afforded her the opportunity to work all over the world. Since achieving a Masters Degree and Teaching Credentials in Sussex, England, she has delivered educational and leadership initiatives internationally to individuals in the UK, Europe, Cambodia, Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Africa, Canada, the USA and Australia. After successfully creating and developing EDventure International, an organization combining leadership development, education and conservation projects overseas, she launched Venture Within. Her passion is creating transformational experiences for personal and professional growth through overseas immersion, coaching and mentoring workshops, and adventurous experiences abroad. She enables and inspires others to live a full and meaningful life.

Expert in leadership development amongst professionals

20 years an Educator, CEO of Venture Within, and EDventure International

Curated strategic leadership workshops catered for traveling professionals, with a focus on personal development and growth.

Utilizes cultural immersive experiences as transformative opportunities.

Specializes in transformative experiences that enhance leadership abilities on personal and professional levels.

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Jennifer Reitman, Founder of DAME Magazine

Jennifer has a passion for all the elements that comprise a successful media property, whether it’s a e-commerce website, digital media property, or simply content strategy. She has spent nearly 20 years zeroing in on creative and business factors that can make the difference between success and failure, with a focus on driving connections with niche audiences. Seamlessly hopscotching between editorial/content strategy and development, marketing and brand strategies, best practices in UX/UI, and prescient technologies, she has worked on a wide range of winning properties that cater to high value consumer and business audiences. Jennifer is the founder and publisher of DAME Magazine.


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Hillary New Sinclair, Founder of Wheesearch
Being “blessed” with a chronic skin affliction, Hillary learned early on that not all products work for everyone.  Prior to Wheesearch, she developed B2C marketing solutions for F500 companies including Avon, Yahoo!, eBay and Visa.  She’s an avid product searcher and is passionate about supporting women and female entrepreneurs, is Executive Director of the Founders Network, and was a 2018 Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year with the Women in IT Awards.

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Kyla Lam, Founder of Startender

Kyla Lam has been a bartender in the industry for 18 years and is bootstrapping Startender, a much-needed app for the bars/restaurants/nightclub industry, now in beta testing. If there’s anyone who has questions about building an app, she can definitely help avoid the expensive mistakes and pitfalls she has experienced and offer help in designing and building an app from scratch. Champion for other females and lover of cats!

Susan Sierota, Founder of Waggit

Know your dog is ok!! Waggit is a collar that collects enormous amounts of data about your pet’s health–changes in vitals, eating habits, sleeping habits, activity patterns, and also location. Dogs intentionally hide pain so Waggit provides you those key indicators of pain and/or illness so you can help before it is too late. Pet parents are loving their Waggits. Kalah told us the when Kieran was sick, his temp was stable to her vet told her she could wait and avoid the stress of the ER. David told us he was able to take Oliver home after his dog got in chocolate since he could track vitals, saving $1000 on the spot, and Michelle told us she finally knows which pup gets into the trash in the middle of the night since the other is in deep sleep. Waggit will truly change everything for both our pets and their pet parents as the right information at the right time has the power to change everything!

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Maria Malavenda, Founder of EVEMMI

EVVEMI makes the best haircare possible through epigenetics, individual beauty data and one-on-one chemistry connections. No more leaving choices up to BS metrics like star ratings, pretty pictures, and follower numbers. We reinvent how you interact with beauty by capturing your critical hair information, building your understanding and creating data driven matches with unique hair solutions, hairstylists and barbers.

EVVEMI is proud to be driving the strongest client – hairstylist relationships in the industry, creating hundreds of matches that have driven the very best hair results and empowered women and men to look and feel their best. We’re actively developing the deepest understanding of each client by capturing their unique needs and challenges which is also driving the best ongoing and immediate support for our clients managing their hair.

We’ve increased hairstylist-client retention success from the industry wide 30% to EVVEMI’s 92% across our supported relationships. That means 9 out of every 10 client beauty management relationships we are managing are successes!

AND to support all those who are home-bound and more importantly our hairstylists – we’re launching video consultations, webinars and AMA events.

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Guidelines & Structure

  • First and foremost, the Happy Hour is a safe space that is respectful to all participants.
  • Each happy hour starts with a round of introductions and a round of asks & offers.
  • We try to keep the conversation light while providing a space for people to vent, express frustration, and share honestly.
  • We avoid tabloid conversations (including gossip).
  • We avoid politically or socially charged topics that are not related directly to small business / founders / current business environment / mental health.
  • We also respect that this is an international group with different political, social, and religious beliefs.
  • No presentations during happy hours – a graph or simple overview is fine (like sharing criteria for a grant program, etc.).
  • We close with another call for offers/asks that may have come up during the meeting.
  • We always end on a high note – this can be a story, quote, joke, setting an intention for the coming week, positive news, or words of encouragement.