Changing Tides Circles – Attend

Are you looking to connect with other female founders local to where you are? Join a group of like-minded female founders who are growing their companies, either through venture funding or via customer acquisition and revenue.

Content for each Changing Tides Circle will be curated by a trained Changing Tides Circle Leader, and will be based on content from the best-selling book Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders. This content is tailored specifically for female founders and designed to make the process of building your company and sailing the waters of funding and growth as smooth as possible.

These Circles will meet at least once a month to connect, collaborate and build a community of female founders who lift up each other’s businesses by sharing resources, ideas, connections, and flexing our collective economic power.

Launching nationally, starting with San Francisco (April 4) and Virtual (April 17).

Still have some questions about Changing Tides Circles? Find answers on our FAQ page.


  • San Francisco Changing Tides Circle
    Led by Kyla Lam, Founder of Startender

    The San Francisco Changing Tides Circle meets the first Monday of each month from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. We had planned to start meeting at Microsoft Reactor SF, but due to the novel Coronavirus concerns, we will hold our first meeting virtually and will continue to do so until it is safe for us to meet in person.
  • Connect with Kyla on LinkedIn or via email.
  • Virtual Changing Tides Circle
    Led by Jennifer S. LeBlanc, Founder of Changing Tides Movement

    The original Virtual Changing Tides Circle will remain virtual and will begin meeting monthly (third Fridays) starting April 17, 2020 from 10 am-12 pm.
  • Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn or via email.

If neither of these locations work for you, feel free to start a Changing Tides Circle near you (see form at the bottom of page). We’d love to hear from you and we provide you all the support and resources you will need.

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Benefits for Changing Tides Circle members

  • Monthly meeting with local female founders and a specially selected and trained Changing Tides Circle leader
    • Topics will range from how to answer questions about your startup to deliver 14x more investment, how to position your company for success, how to find a co-founder, how to prepare your pitch deck, how to find multiple sources of funding for your venture, and more – topics and speakers will be tailored specifically for the needs of female founders
    • Leaders may also choose to run additional meetings beyond the once monthly meeting (depends on location and leader)
  • Access to The Glynda List, a privately curated list by Jennifer LeBlanc, author of Changing Tides, of female-founder friendly angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, media outlets and ecosystem partners to ensure your sailing is as smooth as possible.
  • Sharing of best practices and resources with other female founders
  • Forming strong connections with other female founders (and hopefully doing business with each other as the need arises!)
  • A safe space to share your trials and tribulations and get real-world support and resources
  • Build a sisterhood of female founders who are wielding our collective economic power
  • Influence the content and agenda of the Changing Tides Wave Tour
  • Connect with local female founders when you travel – find out where the local Changing Tides Circle meets and join as a guest, pending leader approval
  • Additional perks when you sign up for six months or more

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Still have questions? Find answers on our FAQ page



Pick your plan! All Changing Tides Circle memberships are designed to meet the needs of female founders:

  • Monthly plan
    • $19/mo (month-to-month plan)
  • Half-yearly plan
    • $108.30/6 months (5% discount)
      • Includes a free copy of Changing Tides, shipped directly to you at no charge (within the U.S.)
  • Yearly plan
    • $205.20/12 months (10% discount)
      • Includes 2 free signed copies of Changing Tides, shipped directly to you at no charge (within the U.S.)


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Automatic renewal (monthly, every 6 months or annually), cancel any time


If you would like to start a Changing Tides Circle in your area or simply want to rally support for a new Circle in your area, please let us know where in the form below.

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