Circles Pitch Practice Event

Join Changing Tides Movement members as they pitch their companies to leading women investors, the Changing Tides community, and allies.

Join us for an informal pitch event that highlights women founders and their companies across industries from around the world. This event is a safe and constructive space for space for our community of female founders to share their completed pitch decks in a friendly environment and practice for upcoming Pitch Competitions.

Over the past few months, our members have worked to develop and refine their pitch decks. We hope that you will join us in participating and supporting our members.

We are thrilled to have you join us for this event highlighting women founders from around the world!

Event structure
Each presenter will have 5 minutes to pitch their company followed by a few minutes of Q&A and feedback. This is not meant to be a formal demo day but rather a safe and intimate pitch practice experience with a trusted community.

Pitch feedback
There is a very clear structure for feedback given at this pitch event. It must be friendly and helpful and include the following: this is what was clear, this is what could be stronger/clearer, and some tips for things that could be improved. Critical comments and aggressive questioning will not be allowed.


Free to attend and open to all womxn founders, investors, allies and business owners. Male allies or investors are also welcome to attend this special event.

Changing Tides events are a safe space respectful to all participants. All participants must register via Eventbrite to ensure the security of the call.




Joanne Crumlin, Founder of Menu del dia APP
About Menu del dia APP
Menu del dia APP started as a way to help a group of friends easily decide where to eat and has quickly grown into an app with 1 million menu views, launched in 14 countries with hundreds of restaurant clients.

Menu del dia APP not only survived, but grew and thrived during the global COVID pandemic. By supporting restaurants to reopen using digital menus via QR codes, the app has 10,000 users per day and is gaining 50,000 new users each month.

Menu del dia APP now has restaurant clients in every region of Spain, is expanding in other countries across Europe, and has seen over 130,000 digital menus scans over the last 3 months.

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Saima Haq,  Founder of Parents Plus
About Parents Plus
ParentsPlus is a needs-centric and real time platform especially designed for caregivers to organize and manage needs as well as build your trusted community of support in 3 simple steps.

About Saima
Saima Haq is the Founder/Principal of Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) that provides special education, vocational training and advocacy. Over the last 2 decades Saima used educational expertise to be a catalyst for change in attitudes and acceptance for children with special needs. Saima has also served on several Educational Boards that created innovative solutions to ease the challenges of daily life for children with special needs and their families.

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Regina Gysel, Amino Acid Therapy Coach
About Regina
Regina Gysel, MD was trained as an eye surgeon in Lithuania and India. However, she found her true calling in holistic medicine, drawing from her experience working at a Silicon Valley natural medicine startup and her most recent training as an amino acid therapy coach.

Dr. Regina offers an innovative nutritional approach resolving root causes of sugar and other addictions, anxiety, depression & insomnia. A carefully selected, personalized amino acid (supplement) therapy repairs the brain’s biochemistry. It does so by restoring neurotransmitter (brain’s signaling molecule) levels, which control the above symptoms and our behavior. An adjunct high protein, medium fat & low carb diet ensures a steady natural supply of amino and fatty acids and eliminates blood glucose highs and lows.

Dr. Regina works 1:1 with individuals and is looking forward to developing new partnerships and expanding to corporate clients.
Ashie Bhandiwad, Founder of Stemchef
About StemChef:
StemChef is a virtual escape room experience that teaches science through cooking to kids. We are building a comprehensive STEM based curriculum for elementary school children through edible gamification. We are committed towards inclusive learning to promote an early interest in STEM among diverse communities by providing our curriculum free of charge to many non-profits and Title I schools.

About Ashie:
Dr. Ashie Bhandiwad is an entrepreneur, scientist, and educator. She is a strong advocate for food based STEM education for young children. Ashie founded StemChef on this principle to keep STEM interest kindled and alive in children to inspire the next generation. Happily she also tackles the female “pipeline” issue that is blamed for under-represented female gender in STEM careers. Prior to that she had dedicated a decade of her life working on renewable energy to combat climate change. Her papers have been published in top scientific journals. Now Ashie is out to inspire the teeny tots to take on global issues of their generation. Ashie holds a PhD in Engineering from Dartmouth College.

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Jing Zhu, Founder & CEO of Dashboard Story, Inc.
About Dashboard Story, Inc. (dba Duet)
Duet is an innovative fleet logistics technology platform designed to enable fleet operators to maximize vehicle utilization while improving rider experience. Our target customers are fleet owners who operate multiple-passenger vehicles, and contract with transit agencies, corporations and insurance companies to provide dynamic route services, such as micro-transit, last-mile and NEMT. Our current customers have seen 20-40% utilization improvement in their pilots. Duet is well-positioned to capture the fast-growing mobility-as-a-service technology opportunity which is forecast to be $250B globally by 2025.

About Jing
Jing is the founder and CEO of Dashboard Story, Inc. (DBA “Duet”). Jing started building mobile products in 2008, and hasn’t stopped since. Jing founded Duet three years ago and has since led her team to develop a robust MaaS technology platform that both improves efficiency and synergizes the effort and investment of the different stakeholders. She also helped acquire the first group of fleet customers on the Duet platform. Prior to founding Duet, Jing built products and managed projects for 15 years for some of the most iconic companies in technology and healthcare, such as Intel and Abbott Labs. She has a B.S. degree from Peking University (China), a PhD from Cornell University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She was a board member of Cornell Alumni Association of Northern California for seven years.

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Hanxi Chen, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder of Lotus Wireless
About Lotus Wireless:
Lotus Wireless is an early-stage Silicon Valley based startup company with a vision of “Give Everyone the Internet”,  we are focused on developing an end-to-end fixed wireless system and software. Our mission is to disrupt the rural broadband market by cutting the TCO of the broadband network and operation by 2-3x, to accelerate the rural broadband deployment. Our solution is built on globally proven 4G/5G chipsets leveraging free/unlicensed dynamic spectrum and Cloud-based AI driven Network Management Software.   

About Hanxi
Hanxi drives the vision, strategy and execution of the company. Hanxi has over 20 years of management experiences at various technology companies. She is a proven business leader with a strong track record of building high performance teams and bringing great products to market efficiently.

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Elsa Wagner, CoFounder & CEO of Trujoy
About Trujoy
Trujoy is revolutionizing food manufacturing using robotics to make fresh and affordable baked goods closer to the retailer.   More and more consumers are demanding fresh food that’s affordable and convenient, but retailers lack a profitable and easy way to deliver on this.  We believe that to solve the fresh food problem at scale, you have to change HOW and WHERE you make food.  So, with our network of small-scale automated machines located minutes not miles from retail shelves, we can make better product that is convenient and affordable for the consumer and easy and profitable for the retailer.  

About Elsa
Elsa is a Seattle native who specializes in operations and finance and spent time at Microsoft, Getty Images, and Aduro leading large teams and transforming businesses. Recently, she made the leap into the startup world where she combines her passion for food, systems thinking and technology to fearlessly tackle the broken food system.

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