Changing Tides Circles – Leadership

Welcome! We are so glad you are here. On this page, you can learn all about the benefits of being a Changing Tides Circle Leader, what it takes to be one (we make it easy!) and how to get started.

Benefits for Leaders

  • Monthly planning meetings with Jennifer LeBlanc, author of the best-selling book, Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders, and other Changing Tides Circle leaders
    • Jenn will introduce the latest Meeting Facilitation Guide and its content, to prepare you to deliver the content within your local Circle
    • Sharing of best practices for organizing and running Changing Tides Circles
    • Influence future Changing Tides Circles Meeting Facilitation Guides and request new content topics for development
    • Connect with other female founder leaders
  • Access to private online library of content, available only to Changing Tides Circle leaders
  • Provide input for the 2020 Changing Tides Wave Tour content and agenda
  • Become known as a leader in your region and gain additional visibility
  • Network with speakers for your events (if you choose to do additional speaker-led events)
  • No Changing Tides Circle membership fees as the group leader
  • Three free signed copies of Changing Tides, shipped directly to you at no charge (within the U.S.)

Changing Tides Circle Leader Commitment

  • Organize a monthly meeting with local female founders, using Changing Tides Circles Meeting Facilitation Guides, or open discussion meetings, or bring in a speaker (we can sometimes help you find relevant speakers (VCs, angels, ecosystem partners, etc.) from our extensive network (or you can find your own speakers).
  • Attend the monthly Changing Tides Circle planning meeting with Jennifer LeBlanc and other Circle leaders
  • Leaders are responsible for securing a meeting location and food/drink host (or it can be set up as a no host event – Changing Tides cannot provide locations, or food and beverage at this time)
  • Keep track of your membership info and ensure all members have access to The Glynda List, a privately curated list by Jennifer LeBlanc, author of Changing Tides, of female-founder friendly angels, VCs, incubators, accelerators, media outlets and ecosystem partners to ensure your sailing is as smooth as possible.

Vision of a Changing Tides Circle Structure

  • Circles will meet at least monthly (you may choose to meet more frequently)
  • Group should ideally be 8-12 members
  • All female founders and women entrepreneurs are welcome
    • Those with a product/service in market (or almost there) who are looking to grow their companies either through funding or the old-fashioned method of customer acquisition and revenue will find the content most relevant
  • Content will be provided (Changing Tides Circles Meeting Facilitation Guide) on a monthly basis
    • Choose from a growing library of Facilitation Guides (a new one will be produced every month)
    • Or find a local speaker to come in a speak to the group (also ping us as we have an extensive network of awesome speakers who can participate)
    • Or have an open forum meeting to dive into each person’s business or a specific topic area on your own (or just have a social hour to let loose and connect)
    • Structure can be as relaxed or as formal as each leader decides – the Guides are there if you want them but are not required
  • Whenever possible, the Circle should feature female founders products and services either as part of the event (locations, caterers, marketing, etc.) or as formal (set up a table each month that can be sponsored by a local FF business or member of the Circle) or informal focus on one of the member businesses each month
    • The goal is ultimately to stimulate a women’s economy

Ready to dive in? Let’s go! Please tell us a little bit about you and we will reach out to connect with more details.

Leader Application

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